Fan Fest 2016

The best day of training camp is Fan Fest when the Panthers travel back to Charlotte for a celebratory practice in Bank of America Stadium. The stadium was nearly filled again, breaking another attendance record.



It rained hard early on but afterwards we were rewarded with an awesome rainbow over the stadium.

Cam Newton put on a show as always. 

It's become a Fan Fest tradition for him to go to one of the end zones and lead the crowd in the "wave". It's a lot of fun - you can watch it happen here 

Another funny moment was when the refs came onto the field. Cam greeted them jokingly and they laughed with each other for a moment. As Cam walked off, one of the refs threw a penalty flag and hit Cam in the back. Cam looked down and pretended he was shot

The defenses secondary group (safeties and defensive backs) call themselves Thieves Avenue. I took this shot by sticking my camera underneath the players bench as the backups observe the starters.

Greg Olsen touchdown

Greg Olsen touchdown

A nice moment each Fan Fest is seeing the players with their families after the practice ends. 

And to finish off the night, the Panthers always have a fireworks show. It gets more impressive every year - they outdid themselves this time following a quick concert - The stadium went dark and when the fans turned on the sticks they were given when entering, they all lit up in flashing colors as the fireworks and lasers commenced. Made for an impressive show.

Let the season begin..

Jesse Fraetis